Prasso Drop-off

A fascinating drop-off at the very end of the ​gulf, extended down to 60 meters depth. Swimming parallel to the wall at 20-30 meters depth, we come across the residues of ancient shipwrecks. Small and larger amphoras lie there as evidence of the significant location of the island to the commercial water paths between Europe and Asia. Large groupers and other marine species make the complex morphology of the drop-off home. 


Prasso Great Wall

The Great Wall of Samos is one of the most impressive dive sites. From 20 to 30 meters depth, the divers witness a forest of ancient amphoras which have integrated into the ecosystem. The sharp rocky wall hosts a variety of species from lobsters to octopus which makes it a perfect spot for underwater photography. Returning back, we reach a colourful plateau full of fish groups and other engaging plantation. (long wall)


Seal Cave

This site combines a beautiful wall and a shallow cave visited at the end of the dive. Swimming parallel to the wall, reaching 25 meters depth, the divers witness an extensive rock formation hosting the largest groupers of the area. Upon our return, we enter the shallow but large cave where nudibranchs and echinoderms hide. Encounters with seals are very rare but not impossible as the cave is named after their habit to rest in it. 


Vathyrema Walls

​Vathyrema means ‘deep stream’ and consists of a long plateau full of marine life and two consecutive walls​. A fantastic dive site suitable for all diving levels, ideal for exploration between walls and plateau and full of piles of ancient amphoras.  A wreck of a wooden fishing boat lies further down at 50 meters, suited for technical diving. 


Kerveli Wine Cellar

An interesting story follows this dive site. Descending at 25 meters depth, the coastline​ leads to a small cavern into the rocks, where the bottles of organic homemade Kerveli Village wine rests to mature at a constant temperature and lack of natural light. The compelling sea bed continues to drop off routes and rocky shapes depending the depth. 


Heart Rock

Heart Rock East and West are two dive sites located at the north side of Samos. Deep walls, drop-offs, small caverns and a diversity of shapes create the best dive spot we have yet discovered. Amazing shallow gardens full of fish and a penetrable rocky hole in the shape of a heart are ready to be explored. 



An attractive dive site, along a rocky reef full of colorful sponges and fish. Favorable in a variety of depths for beginners and more skilled divers, but all can admire the old lighthouse at 12 meters, that has become an artificial reef and houses sea basses and small snappers. An ideal dive site for training and photoshooting. 


Kerveli Reef

A smooth and easy site  in a colorful surrounding, suitable for all diving levels. A variety of fish groups, as well as the multicoloured Mediterranean sponges create a fantastic scenery. With a maximum depth of 22 meters, swimming among the smaller reefs, we usually encounter moray eels, octopuses and squids. With superb visibility, this spot differs from the other wilder and deeper sites of the north.


Kerveli Home Reef

Our shallow and friendly home reef is perfect for try dives and entry level courses. Just steps away from the dive base, it offers a sandy and smooth descending of 20 meters, full of Posidonia. Marble columns and statues reminiscent of the ancient Greek ruins provide an artificial habitat for the aquatic life. Home to a variety of octopuses, squids and scorpion fish this dive site is appropriate to brush up your skills, try scuba dive for the first time or enjoy a fascinating night dive.